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Logitech x-230 2.1 2-Piece Dual Drive Speakers with Ported Subwoofer The JBL Creature II 3-Piece Powered Speaker System produces a high quality sound for your music, games or movies. These portable speakers exhibit many great features and make a good choice if you are looking for the finest portable speaker’s on the higher side of your budget.

The JBL Creature II 3-Piece Powered Speaker System is an unique blend of high quality stereo sound and a exceptional sci-fi design which is both portable and compatible with any MAC or PC desktops, notebooks, iPods and walkman units. JBL Multimedia encourages consumers to go beyond the ordinary by offering sound in original and unique packages. These speaker systems, which have been described as futuristic, curvy, sleek and out of this world, provide consumers with sound that is loud and clear. JBL Multimedia speaker systems employ computer-optimized multiband parametric equalization, custom-designed transducers, and unique "capacitance touch" control buttons for direct access to volume control.

Features of the JBL Creature II 3 Piece Powered Speaker System

  • The JBL Creature II speaker system includes a touch volume control.
  • The Creature II audio system utilizes a straightforward interconnect technology.
  • The powerful subwoofer provides clean, low bass.
  • The mini stereo jack connection allows you to enjoy high-quality audio from a variety of devices including digital music players, computers, stereos and portable listening devices.

Unique sci-fi design
Excellent sound quality

High price for portable speakers

Computer Speakers Reviews
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- JBL Creature II 3-Piece Powered Speaker System
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- Advent AV570 70-Watt 2-Way Powered Multimedia Speaker System (Pair)
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- Logitech Z-2300 THX-Certified 200-Watt 2.1 Speaker System
- Harman Kardon Soundsticks II 3-Piece Plug and Play Multimedia Speaker System
- Altec Lansing BXR1120 2.0 music and gaming speaker system
- JBL Creature II 3-Piece Powered Speaker System
- Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System (Black)
- M-Audio StudioPro 3 Desktop Audio Monitors
- FOLD-UP AMPLIFIED PORTABLE SPEAKER SYSTEM for Ipod, Computer, CD Player and more.
- Maxell 190022 2.1 Flat Speakers System with Subwoofer and Remote Control
- Altec Lansing XA2021 Powered Speaker System for Gamers
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