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Altec Lansing VS4221 3-Piece Speaker System Music & Gaming System with Remote

Altec Lansing VS4221 3-Piece Speaker System Music & Gaming System with Remote The perfection in the audio quality starts with the Altec Lansing VS4221 3-Piece Speaker System Music & Gaming System with Remote. It fills the space with real life sound quality which enriches the music, movies or gaming experience. For added convenience comes with a remote.

The Altec Lansing VS4221 3-Piece Speaker System Music & Gaming System with Remote is what you need if you wish to enrich your experience o movies, music or gaming. And if you compare it with the price it comes for then definitely it has no match from the competition. A wonderful product which delivers clear, crisp and distortion free sound consistently.

The new Altec Lansing VS4221 speaker system is specially engineered micro drivers that deliver crisp, clear highs. A down-firing 3 inch driver delivers a warm, uniform sound around the room and the long-throw subwoofer that packs enough bass to register on the Richter scale. The result is a rich, robust sound that very few systems can match.

The Altec Lansing VS4221 system is sleek and beautiful with a pivoting stand allows you to orient the micro drivers so they direct sound straight to your ears. A convenient wireless remote and caddy add to the convenience and put the controls right at your finger tips.

Features of the Altec Lansing Vs4221 3-piece speaker system

  • Uniquely concealed midrange drivers for accurate sound
  • Specially engineered Micro Drivers on pivoting stand
  • Feel shakes and quakes from the front-firing, long-throw subwoofer housed in a solid-wood cabinet
  • Stand-by, master volume, bass, treble, and loudness with a wireless remote
  • Built-in controls with power on/off and volume, a headphone jack, built-in RCA inputs for TV or video gaming system
  • Shielded satellites for use near PC monitors
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