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USB Speakers: The Next Generation Sound-makers

Wednesday Dec 16, 2009

USB Speakers: The Next Generation Sound-makersComputer speakers enhance a person’s PC experience. Unlike headsets, speakers allow for a more “surround sound” feel. Use it for listening to music, watching movies, or playing games.

Nowadays, manufacturers have created a new generation of these nifty gadgets – USB-powered ones. Gone are the days of long wires and outlets; now, all that one has to do is hook these up into a USB port and voila! They can now have a blast listening to their favorite sounds.

But before buying these evolved sound-makers, one must consider its advantages and disadvantages from its traditional counterparts. USB computer speakers are best for users who are always on the go, as these devices are portable and easier to transfer from one place to another. They also prevent the computer area from being too cluttered, as users would not have to worry about wires getting in the way. Sound quality also varies depending on the kind of speaker bought – there is the typical twin speaker type or those that include a subwoofer or an amplifier, wherein the amount of bass audio frequencies can be controlled. The best models assure good quality digital playback and may even reach higher volumes and frequency responses than its electrically-powered versions.

On the downside, however, these speakers use up more system resources because it uses the USB ports to manage its audio. Also, some models are not magnetically shielded and may damage the computer.

On the other hand, computer speakers that are plugged into electrical outlets offer greater variety, and have more tendencies to get really loud. There are more models of multi-channel speakers in this category, which is perfect for users who treat their PCs as home theater systems. Multi-channel speakers are gadgets that deliver a surround sound effect, which generally comprise a number of speakers and a subwoofer. These are perfect for those who want to be blown away by ear-splitting sounds when watching movies or playing video games. The only drawback is these kinds of speakers are more difficult to install and need a lot of wires to connect to each other.

Both USB and traditional computer speakers have their pros and cons. It is really up to the users to determine which kind is best suited for them. There is a wide array of speakers available in the market today, and it would definitely take a lot of patience to find the perfect one.