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Logitech Audio Hub: Making Up for Size with Astounding Sound

Wednesday Dec 16, 2009

Logitech Audio Hub: Making Up for Size with Astounding SoundLaptops are designed ultimately for portability, so it’s no surprise that most manufacturers sacrifice other functionalities for a more compact look. These include speakers, which are optional, even if they do enhance a user’s computer experience. While almost all laptops have these devices integrated into them, they are usually of low quality and have very minimal adjustable settings.

Fortunately, other companies have thought up of the perfect solution: external speakers. These babies are designed to give users the noise that they deserve, without forgetting the laptop’s main purpose – portability.

Enter Logitech’s AudioHub USB speakers. This clever gadget promises to deliver superior sound quality while adding a few extra features; the AudioHub is connected to the laptop via USB and the plug-and-play function makes installing it a cinch. It also has three additional USB ports, which you may use for additional devices.

The good thing about the speakers is that it is installed as a separate device so you don’t have to worry about messing up your volume settings once it is activated. Once you hook it up, the laptop’s internal speakers are automatically turned off, giving you its own volume control levels. Also, if you unplug the AudioHub, it will automatically revert to the internal speakers so you won’t have to adjust the sound settings. There is also a volume control dial on the system which doubles as a power key, which mutes and un-mutes audio settings.

Overall, the sound quality of this device is outstanding, with audio coming out crisp and clear. It can reach deafening volumes without compromising audio definition. Also, it includes a subwoofer, although you cannot control the bass levels, which means you have to do a little tweaking before some sounds can come out just right. It is, however, way better than the laptop’s internal speaker or a headset.

Still, the AudioHub has some setbacks. While it is plugged via USB, the speakers do not work unless you plug it into an electrical outlet. This becomes a portability issue, because users may find themselves in a situation where they have to use the laptop without any electricity at hand. Also, the gadget is a little bulky and may be quite a nuisance when carrying it from one place to another.

All in all, the AudioHub makes up for its non-compact design with its superb sound quality. If users are able to look past its minor flaws, then there is no reason to not buy it. Plus, that nifty webcam stand included in the package would surely appeal to a lot of customers, as it is very handy indeed.