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Computer Speakers FAIL

JBL Duet Speakers

JBL Duet Speakers

If you suddenly find that there is no sound coming from your computer speakers, don’t hit the panic button just yet. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are broken, or that they have to be replaced. This problem may be caused by a number of different things.

The first thing you should check is if your speakers are plugged in. A small LED light usually comes on if they are receiving sufficient power.

You should also check if the speakers are set at a low volume. If there are volume knobs on your speaker, just adjust it so that the volume is loud enough. Some knobs are labeled “max” and “min”, while others have numbers that show at which volume the speakers are playing. If your speaker has neither, try playing a sound file that lasts for a few seconds. Adjust the knob while playing the sound file to determine at which direction the maximum volume is.

For speakers without sound knobs, the volume is controlled through the computer. You can find a sound icon can be found on the Desktop Tray. When you double click on it, a box will pop up. Use it to adjust the volume settings. Also, make sure that the “Mute All” box is not checked.

There may also be something wrong with the way your speakers are connected to the CPU. Make sure that the speaker cables are attached to the correct computer ports, and check to see if they are tightly plugged in.

You can also adjust the speaker volume through the soundcard. The sound card, which is also called an audio card, is the expansion card that generates and captures sound. Open the sound card software, and then adjust the volume from there.

If this still does not work, then the problem may lie with your sound card. If you suspect this is so, try using a different set of speakers or a headset to test it. Be sure to use a CD or a sound file when checking. If you establish that it is indeed the cause, you will have to troubleshoot your soundcard.

If you went through all these steps and the speakers still don’t work, then the problem probably lies with your speaker hardware, and you will have to get them fixed or replaced. You can contact your speakers’ manufacturer to get a replacement, or get a professional to fix them up for you.