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Latest Innovations in Computer Speakers

Saturday Mar 14, 2009
Multimedia Computer Speakars

Multimedia Computer Speakars

Computer speakers are external devices that help increase a computer’s functionality. They produce sound that comes from the computer or any multimedia device attached to it. Many of these speakers come with built-in amplifiers, which provide a magnified sound.

Most computer speakers can be connected to a computer system through the use of a standard 3.5mm stereo jack. Stereo jacks mostly come in standard green so they can be recognized easily by all computer sound cards based on the PC 99. RCA jack, a multi-connector stereo jack, is one of the latest available stereo jacks in the market. The RCA jack is multi-functional because it can easily be plugged into TV sets and DVD player speakers. Other models with built-in equalizers and treble and bass controls for better sound enhancement are also available.

With the advancements in sound technology, speaker developers were able to come up with several improvements to provide the best quality in multimedia entertainment. One of the best developments ever made is a speaker system that runs on wireless technology. Now, you can surround your home or office with music using these wireless speakers that do not require cables. Wireless speakers are also more convenient to setup. They also make the computer system look more tidy and organized.
The latest in Bluetooth technology also allows your wireless computer speakers to connect to a computer or any audio device. A computer can now establish a connection with its speakers using wide-range signal transmissions, even when there are obstructions that might normally block other kinds of signals.

There are various types of wireless computer speakers in the market. One of the most basic and most affordable is the 2.1 wireless computer speakers, which include 2-pc satellite speakers and one subwoofer. The 2.1 wireless speakers are considered best for gaming. For music and movie fans, 5.1 and 7.1 speakers are recommended. These are the most expensive types of wireless computer speakers because of their powerful subwoofers and satellite speaker features. 7.1 speaker systems have seven satellite speakers, while 5.1 speaker systems have five.

Wireless speakers are mountable and can be easily placed in all the corners of the house. This provides you a better audio experience with excellent surround sound. They are also movable and can be rearranged anytime you want.